Litany of Spiritual Confidence

R/ Lord keep me close to you.

Lord, I can do all that you ask of me because it is you who strengthens me. R/

Lord, whenever I fall you delight in my confidence to trust you all the more. R/

Lord, let me look to you and not to myself to find what is needed to please you. R/

Lord, when I am overcome by fear it is because my peace depends on something instead of on your will.  R/

Lord, free me from my hidden attachments to self-righteousness.  R/

Lord, let me always remember that it is you who move to ask for your love.  R/

Lord, help me to see the meaning of my faults is to learn to depend on you more and more.  R/

Lord, give me the strength to cry out for your love when all that I see is nothingness in myself.  R/

Lord, save from the impulse to look for my peace and security in my own strength.  R/

Lord, the more you let me see what I am left for myself, the more you give the grace to cling to you.   R/

Lord, to be happy, I need nothing but what you provide for me at every moment. R/

Lord, the more I live in the love you give this moment, the more perfectly I am able to suffer whatever comes my way.  R/

Lord, when I come to you at those times when I am overwhelmed by my own misery, I glorify you the most.  R/

Lord, it is in being receptive to you in the knowledge of my own weakness that I derive all my strength.  R/

Lord, let me always remember that you want me to let you make me perfect by your love.  R/

Lord, the measure of my union with you is my faith in the power of your love to purify me and make me worthy of you.  R/

Our Father….

Composed by Father Peter John Cameron, O.P.