COVID-19 Prayer through the Intercession of the Venerable Pierre Toussaint

Father God, we praise and worship you the Author of Life, the source of comfort and strength every day of our lives.

Help us to remain mindful that in the midst of trials and tribulations, your goodness prevails.

Open the gates of heaven to our departed brothers and sisters, the victims of COVID-19. May they be a choir of angels pleading for mercy and healing on our world. May those left behind find consolation in you, for only you can fill the emptiness of their lives.

Father, you are the healer who can touch all those who have been infected. Wrap all caregivers, medical professionals, service providers under your protective mantle so that they can remain corona free. May we heed your promptings to shelter in place in order to stop the spread of corona. Help leaders of nations to hear your voice and to be guided by the Holy Spirit. May your Spirit guide to Christian based decisions and a vaccine that will bring an end this pandemic.

We thank you for the countless lives you chose to save. May these people testify to your power and grace.

Help all of us to remain faithful to you.

In Jesus’ name through the intercession of the Venerable Pierre Toussaint. Amen.