Kolej Pastoral :

Kolèj Pastoral ( School of Religious Formation for Haitian Lay Leaders)

The purpose of the Kolèj Pastoral is to provide a solid biblical, doctrinal and spiritual formation to Parish Lay leaders.  The classes are offered in Creole by ordained ministers and graduates of the program.    There are some similarities to the Diocesan Pastoral Institute for commissioned lay leadership.

The program spanning over three years includes one hundred and thirty hours of instruction in Bible study,  doctrinal teaching, and spiritual and leadership formation to adult students.    Classes meet during 12 Saturdays a year and are supplemented by two-weekend retreats.

Sister Juvenia Joseph, a member of the Daughters of Mary for almost 30 years, serves as the director of the Kolej Pastoral.  After serving in Haiti, first as an elementary school teacher and then as the Secretary to the Papal Nuncio in Port-au-Prince, in 2007 she was assigned to the U.S.   She conducts the retreats and prayer sessions as well as organizing a number of other activities, including pilgrimages.   The weekend encounters emphasize that Christianity is not simply a philosophy or a set of teachings, but it is a way of life.  Students are assisted to experience conversion through confession and prayer.  Christianity is a communal experience therefore fellowship is an integral part of the program    During the retreats the students receive some instruction but are encouraged to engage in faith sharing and prayers.

At completion, it is expected that graduates will return to their parishes and collaborate with the pastoral staff to develop dynamic parishes.

There is an alumni group working for the continuation of this program.

For more information contact:

Sr. Juvenia Joseph, FDM

National Center of the Haitian Apostolate

332 East 32nd Street

Brooklyn, NY. 11226

(718) 856 – 3323