Elements of a Christian Community:

  • Prayer: Matthew 18: 19-20
  • Praise, Worship, and Eucharist:    Central focus – Romans 12: 1-2; 1 Corinthians 14: 26-33.
  • Spiritual Friendship:    Creating an environment of support responding to the human need of being loved, encouraged, affirmed, and forgiven. (Acts 4: 32 – 37)
  • Faith Sharing: Speak freely about God and about experiences of life. All of Paul’s letters…
  • Study: Acquiring knowledge of Scripture; Church Documents; Catechism of the Catholic Church; Lives of the Saints, Documents of Vatican II; Encyclicals and Pastoral Letters; Kolèj Pastoral, Diocesan Lay Ministry Program, Advanced Studies in Ministry and Theology, etc.
  • Service: Reaching out to the needs of others - Corporal Works of Mercy, Spiritual Works of Mercy, Pastoral Care, Fellowship, Food Pantries, Tithing, etc.