The Rosary:

The Luminous Mysteries

The Luminous Mysteries were added to the prayers of the Rosary by St. John Paul II in 2002 and prayed on Thursdays.   These mysteries help us to reflect on the actions of Jesus during his 3 years or so of ministry.    We begin with the Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan and that the voice of God told the world that Jesus is his beloved Son, with Him the Father is well-pleased.  Through Mary’s intercession, Jesus performs His first miracle at the Wedding at Cana.   Jesus then begins His mission by proclaiming God’s kingdom of God to everyone he meets.  He chooses disciples to help Him in His mission.  We are today’s disciples.  Jesus took 3 of the disciples to the Mountain of Tabor where he was transfigured before their eyes.  A voice from heaven told them:  This is my beloved Son with whom I am well pleased – listen to Him.  We meditate on the Eucharist that Jesus instituted at the Last Supper – He said: “Do this in memory of me”.