The Rosary:

The Glorious Mysteries

In the Glorious Mysteries, we rejoice with Jesus and Mary and we begin with a reflection on the Resurrection of Jesus.  The grave could not hold Jesus and he rose after 3 days like He said He would.  He walked the earth in a glorious stage appearing first to Mary Magdalene and then to the apostles.  He walked the road to Emmaus.  He promised an advocate and commissioned us to go out and make new disciples.  He ascended into heaven after 40 days.   Again Jesus is a Man of His Word – the advocate came as He promised.  The Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles and others when they were hidden in the Upper Room.   Once filled with the Holy Spirit, the disciples became bold evangelizers and performed miracles in the name of Jesus.   These mysteries help us meditate on The Assumption of Mary – that is because Mary was chosen by God to be the first tabernacle – and that she was full of Grace – at the time of her Dormition, she was immediately taken up to Heaven where she currently reigns as the  Queen of Heaven and Earth. The Glorious Mysteries are prayed on Sunday and Wednesday.