Mary Mother of the Church:

Sub Tuum Praesiduum- Oldest Marian Prayer

The oldest known Marian prayer is the Sub Tuum Praesidium which is believed to have been written in Greek around 250 A.D.    As seen in the 3rd and 4th-century writings of St. Alexander of Alexandria, St. Athanasius, St. Cyril of Jerusalem, and St. Gregory Nazianzen among others, Our Blessed Mother was acknowledged as the Mother of God, Mediatrix of Graces, and Mother of the Church.


This beautiful prayer, the Sub Tuum Praesidium, is a call to Our Blessed Mother for help in our trials and tribulations.  We pray:

We fly to thy protection,
O holy Mother of God.
Despise not our petitions in our necessities,
but deliver us always from all dangers,
O glorious and blessed Virgin.

Catholic history evinces that the Blessed Mother is close to us in our sufferings and has been declared our Mediatrix before Jesus.    The Wedding in Cana is a clear demonstration of her availability for our intercession.