Young Adult Ministry :

Troupe Eclat celebrates 25 years of ministry

On Sunday, July 19, 2020 “TROUPE ECLAT” celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary at St Jerome Church in Brooklyn.  This group is made up of about thirty young ladies and fifteen young men.   Mr. Carlo Balthazar, the Maestro, leads as if trained in a first-class music studio.   Nixon Fils-Aime played the keyboard with indescribable skill.

Bishop Guy Sansaricq, Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Brooklyn, was the main celebrant at their anniversary Mass.  In his homily, Bishop Sansaricq praised the group while offering reflections on the liturgical text of the day.  Jesus in his parable of the good and bad seeds warns us that good people and bad people live side by side. But in the end, only those who freely opt for righteousness will inherit the joy and glory of the eternal kingdom.  Blessed are those dedicated to the victory of good over evil, righteousness over corruption, beauty over ugliness, harmony over chaos!  May our community be blessed by the delightful fragrance of those who like the members of Troupe Eclat proclaim through great music the splendor of our Mighty God and the dazzling greatness of the KINGDOM we are called to build on earth!

We have to pay homage to this Church Group that has outlasted time. So many groups are born and then disappear after a couple of years. Yet, despite all the demands of NY life, the members of TROUPE ECLAT have come to rehearsals and prayer meetings regularly and while developing their artistic skills have also grown in their passion for Jesus. They have learned discipline, perseverance, and the cult of spiritual virtues.

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