Young Adult Ministry :

Troupe Eclat 25th Anniversary Mass

25 years of ministry… This is a blessing beyond any dreams we could have had for ourselves.

Like all journeys it has been filled with joy and sadness, laughter and tears, surprises and disappointments, death and rebirth, loss and victory but most importantly abundant love.

We are a manifestation of Christ’s great passion for its church and followers. Yes, we have been blessed to know his love in our individual lives and this is why we sing. The Lord has touched this imperfect group of sinners and has granted us favor and His mercy.  He continues to reveal His purpose in us and through us every day. Trust that we know we are far from being worthy but through him, we pray our ministry will continue to be fruitful.

We were planning to celebrate this milestone with an explosion of festivities resembling our name “ECLAT”! But our Lord Majesty wanted it differently. In His wisdom, He chose a more appropriate course of prayers, reflection, charity, and comfort; a deeper understanding of spirituality and eternity; the salvation of our souls. He has challenged us to grow closer to what He intends for us to be as Christians and as a group.

There will be another time for the shows; this is the time of true ministry of the word and of song to each other and to our community.

We invite you all to reflect on the past 25 years with us. We hope you can see the light of the Spirit of the Lord in our faces as much as you can hear the angels in our voices.

Pray for us as we embark on another 25 years of work in the Lord’s vineyard; shining ever so brightly to serve.

Sherley Lamothe


The liturgical celebration