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We are seduced by temporal power’: Gloria Purvis on racism, pro-life politics and the lure of the devil

SA: As a talk show host for EWTN and a vocal pro-life advocate, your name has become well-known in traditional Catholic circles. Some in those circles have been struggling with, and several actively pushing back against, your being vocal about racial inequality. How do you navigate that kind of pushback?

GP: First of all, my allegiances are to Jesus Christ. Because of that, I’m not afraid to speak the truth on these matters. People know that I deeply believe in the inherent dignity of the human person. Most people know me through my advocacy for the unborn child and for women in crisis. They know that I speak using language that they understand, and it helps them understand that racial justice is the same thing—it springs from the dignity of the human person. I talk about police brutality and the abuse of police power using that language to help them see the connection.

Now, some people get uncomfortable. There is a crowd of people who have let American politics influence the lens of their faith, rather than using the lens of their faith to look at politics. Instead of being able to hear that you’re advocating for a culture of life, they can only hear it in terms of a political point of view.   Read on >>>>