Black Catholic Movement

The story of how Roman Catholics “became American” is very well-known. Beginning in the 19th century, Catholics were a feared and despised immigrant population that Protestants imagined to be inimical to, even incompatible with, everything America was meant to be. American mobs burned Catholic convents and churches. By the early 20th century, the anti-Catholic Ku …

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Holiness, God’s answer to hate

For much of this past year, America has been confronting the sad reality that racist thinking and practices remain all too common in our society. Millions of our brothers and sisters still experience indignity and are denied opportunity only because of their race. We have come a long way in American society to overcome the …

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If you’re a Western Christian, your spiritual ancestry is African

Western Christianity is fundamentally African, in the way that Eastern Christianity is fundamentally Greek. Most Eastern churches — whether they worship in Romanian, Bulgarian, or Old Slavonic — recognize that their ritual and devotional forms largely come from fourth-century Constantinople, where the liturgy was rendered in Greek. Western churches will acknowledge that their own roots …

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From Saint Domingue to Louisiana

The Haitian Influence on Religion In 1847 Lanusse and his friends helped to assure the survival of a small Catholic religious order dedicated to charitable work among the city’s enslaved people and free black indigents. The congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Family was founded in 1842 by Henriette Delille, yet another prominent Afro-Creole …

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Call to Action’s scorecards rate US bishops on anti-racism work

By Madeleine Davison January 18, 2021 The Catholic social justice organization Call to Action sees many bishops as potential partners in a fight for racial justice, but says church leaders must go beyond ‘thoughts and prayers’ and turn talk into action. Read more>>>>