Priests of African Descent:

Fr. Reginald Jean-Mary 19 years of Priestly Service


Dear Sisters and Brothers:

The priesthood is a sacred history and the life of any priest is a sacred history.

Our history is sacred because we are never alone in that history. We are accompanied beings; accompanied by Someone who immeasurably loves us, the High Priest, the Priest Par Excellence, Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  He called each and every priest among the poorest of the poor to give them the most dignified and magnificent gift, the gift of Holy and Sacred Priesthood.

19 years ago, on May 12, 2001, I received the anointing to become one of His servants and the servant of His Church and People. Today, it is this great mystery of love and grace that I would like to invite you to celebrate with me as I join with my fellow brothers, Fr. Jorge Rodriguez de la Viuda and Fr. Jesus Alberto Bohorquez, with whom I had had the privilege to be ordained.

I remain till this day grateful to so many people who the Lord has used and continues to use as His instruments to reveal His love and grace to me in this blessed and yet sacrificial journey.

I am very much grateful to my Archbishop, Thomas G. Wenski for his unconditional love and support of me and my ministry. I remain forever indebted to Archbishop Emeritus, John C. Favalora, who did lay hands on me to become who I am today.

To all my brother priests, staff/faithful, and leaders of Notre-Dame d’Haiti, I remain thankful. To all those, I have met on my way of life and priestly ministry my heart goes out to you. Above all, allow me to express my gratitude to my family members, family friends, benefactors, and the unknown souls who continue to elevate me both in their prayers and acts of goodness.

A final word of gratitude to my Beloved Mother in Heaven, the Blessed Virgin Mary who continues to journey and to intercede for me.

May the Lord’s Name be exalted and praised forever!

Peace and gratitude forever!

Your brother and servant:
Fr Reggie

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