Knights of Peter Claver and Ladies Auxiliary:

Bishop Olmsted praises African American Catholics’ commitment to the Gospel

“Perhaps there is no time in America’s recent history when we have more needed unity, where there is almost a culture of hate, great tension and division,” the bishop said in his homily.
“The suffering of Jesus on the Cross and the suffering any of us experience in our lives, including the suffering caused by the sin of racism, must never be forgotten by the followers of Jesus Christ,” he said.
Yet, God’s love can overcome the pain.
“It was a powerful message; about unity; all Catholics being welcomed into a Christian society. It reminded me there is a small percentage of Black Catholics in Phoenix, yet a good shepherd is responsible for all his sheep,” said James K. Ellis, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Peter Claver. “There was illumination of things we see and don’t want to talk about. He stepped up to some of these areas we tend to push under the rug,” Ellis said.